How long does the repair take?

We handle 90% of the repairs whilst wait and the average time of a repair is 30 minutes. If the damage is more complicated it may take longer, in such a case we will be able to tell you the time after diagnosing the device.

Insurance report?

At your request, we are also able to issue an expert report for your insurance company. The price of such a report will be subsequently reimbursed to you by the insurance company..

Is it possible to pay by card in the store?

Yes, we accept credit cards.

Should I backup my device before the repair?

Yes, please backup your data before sending your device to the service as we are not responsible for the loss of user’s programs or data.

I dropped my iPhone into the water, are you able to fix it?

Thanks to a professional deoxidizer, we are able to repair most of these damaged devices.

My phone frame is bent, can you straighten it?

We are ready for these cases too and we can straighten both the housing of the phone as well as the distorted corners.

How much is the diagnose?

We do the diagnostics completely free of charge, even if you will eventually change your mind about the repair.

I am not from Brno, can I send my device by post?

Use the services of our courier who will pick up your iPhone at home and then deliver it back to you again.

How long is the warranty on the service you provide?

We provide statutory warranty on spare parts and service work.

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